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Immersive Dance Company is a friendly, challenging dance company founded in 2019. We pay more attention to the Commercial and Heels styles but we are adding more different styles to suit all your needs! We currently provide, COMMERCIAL, HEELS, DANCE FITNESS, STREET DANCE, DANCE HALL, CREWS , PRO FILM , BAD GIRL BOOTCAMP & PRIVATE CLASSES! We love to bring our inner sass out in the studios and feel empowered by ourselves and the amazing dancers around us. We take part in music videos, shows, fundraisers, support acts, festivals, competitions. We have classes covering all over Southampton, check if we are near you and book your first free class today!

Our mission

Our Mission here at IMDC is to train ourselves to become some of the best dancers in the area. We have training classes that happen every day around Southampton and we also have crew/competition class (check our timetable). We want to bring the London vibe to Southampton and create a professional creative environment for our dancers. We want our students to experience the dance industry by giving them opportunities for auditions, music videos and choreographic jobs for external companies. Even if you want to come to classes for a hobby or fitness, we also cater for you too. We share a lot of passion for our heels and commercial styles, do you feel the same? BOOK YOUR FIRST-CLASS FREE TODAY!


Here I am, the owner of Immersive Dance Company, ready to push you further than your limits. My dance career started at a very young age, going from different dance schools and educating myself in the profession. This gave me a lot of opportunities to help and better my dance career.

I hold qualifications such as A levels and a BA Hons Degree in Dance. I trained for my degree at Kingston University London, which allowed me to work and learn with professional choreographers. During my time at Kingston I got a place on the Hip-Hop society in which we competed, performed in shows and at fundraisers. Doing this helped me to expand my choreographic skills and to perfect the Hip Hop style. I also developed a love for Commercial and Heels styles which I am now pursuing within the company. 

Since forming the dance company my love for dance has grown even more, allowing me to share my passion with others. I’m here to make a change and we are continuing to grow bigger and better.

Love Amy xx

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