Hey there! My name is Amy & I am the owner of Immersive, I teach the styles Commercial, Heels, Dance hall, crew class and private classes! YES A BUSY BEE!! 

Ever wanted to do a heels class, but just couldn’t find any in your area? Now is the time! 

Heels dance is such a powerful dance form, that when you learn the style and embody it you become empowered. Its techniques and dance vocabulary come from a wide range of dance styles. Commercial, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, Latin and many more. Heel technique allows you to be free but also understand different dance genres. The style is mainly seen in the context of professional stage performance, music videos and back up dancers. It also brings physical fitness and power. When you dance in heels you have that “catwalk” type effect, which gives you the empowerment and confidence you need. At Immersive we dance to different types of music, slow & sexy or hard hitting commercial. We like to train you in different music genres, so you get the full understanding of the style and learn how to move your body in different ways.

We provide heels classes all over Southampton daily. Eastleigh, Sholing, Southampton central, Totton. Have a look at our timetable on the class booking and see if we are near you